We write promotional materials, reports, articles, press releases, and other text from scratch. Talk to us about the concept and we can put it into words.

Substantive editing

Coherent organization and the right tone for the intended reader are essential to making text work. We edit text from brochure to book for structure, style, and substance.

Copy editing

Readers may not recognize impeccable grammar and mastery of language conventions, but they do notice their absence. We edit text for consistency and good mechanics.


Royalty free

Blakeley Words+Pictures maintains royalty-free photographic work on numerous microstock sites. You’ll see images from around the world in our photographic portfolio, often of architecture, vehicles of all sorts, or sculptural detail.

Photo commissions

Blakeley photography has a strong graphic quality and a designer’s aesthetic. We can take photographs uniquely suited to a project.

Photo research

We’re experienced at sourcing images to match the particulars of a project. Half the work is developing the visual expression of an idea. The other half is finding it.


Print design

We design print pieces large and small. We’ve won awards for book design, but brochures, catalogues, and posters are all within our scope and experience.

Screen design

Websites and PDFs get ideas across widely, cheaply, and well – but only if the design is tailored for the screen. Blakeley Words+Pictures integrates the type, colour, imagery, and layout into graphic communication that works for the medium.


A company logo, a book series design, or a typographic identity immediately brings your ideas and products under one umbrella. It needs to be the right umbrella.


Project management

Blakeley Words+Pictures can take a project from raw manuscript to print ready. We’ll edit the text, develop a design, manage the art work, typesetting, proofreading, and indexing, and do the press check.

Writing and image

We regularly create short photo-essays that can be used as the building blocks of a publication piece. We can compose these to suit any length and purpose.

Teaching the trade

Blakeley Words+Pictures gives on-site workshops. We can evaluate the type of writing, editing, or design training that will be most useful and deliver an engaging learning experience based on your company’s own materials. Sharpen the skills of your staff with a tailored seminar.