Ryerson University

The G. Raymond Chang School at Ryerson University is a highly dynamic continuing education institution, with growing enrolment in both classroom and distance courses geared to providing employment qualifications.

The Chang School’s Certificate in Publishing program has offered a course in scholarly and reference publishing before, but only in the classroom. That form of delivery wasn’t meeting national demand for instruction in this specialized subject. The course needed to be updated and fully rethought for a distance education mode. In particular, how could it stay relevant without real-world contact such as guest speakers?

We developed and wrote the seven-module course using a range of learning tools: video interviews with publishing professionals, video role play, student polls, self-tests, group learning activities, and interactive business forms adapted from genuine publishers.



Hands-on practice should be part of any course.


In this exercise, students put the parts of a book in the correct order. Sound provides yes/no feedback.