Menas Associates

Menas Associates is a consulting firm that provides its clients with strategic intelligence for key business decisions. It publishes incisive analyses of political and economic developments around the globe.

We provide writing, editing, design, and production services for Menas. Many of its competitors deliver reports via the web with little editorial or design input, relying solely on content quality. Menas saw the opportunity to develop a more professional presence. We edit, design, and produce its onscreen publications. We’ve also developed promotional materials from ads and flyers to an extensive PDF about the company. Currently, we’re revamping its website.

Through all materials we develop we use a cohesive visual and editorial voice to give the company a polish that sets it apart.



Menas decides to develop a website for each publication. Each must resemble the publications yet not be confused for them.


The format and colours of the publications are retained. Left and right panels contain links and updates. The centre showcases publication content.