Grub Street Publishing

Grub Street Publishing is an award-winning publisher of military aviation history. The press decided on a reprint with a difference: Over and Above was first published in 1919 soon after its author, aged just twenty, had been invalided out of the RAF following a brief but incident-filled stint as a flyer on the Western Front. Piloting the Bristol F.2b, John Everard Gurdon’s first victory was on 2 April 1918. By the end of the summer he had scored his twenty-eighth, but wounds suffered on two different occasions sent him back to England in September.

The centenary edition retains the original narrative but is updated with an introduction that uncovers the links between the text and the truth and outlines Gurdon’s career. An illustrated appendix provides context by tracing the operations of 22 Squadron over 1918.


As the centenary of the publication approached, the work needed new sales appeal.


Camilla Blakeley produced a biographical introduction. Gary Blakeley and Danielle Roa designed the new edition.