Camilla Blakeley

Camilla has twenty-five years of experience, both in house and freelance, as an editor and writer. Getting her start in educational publishing, she has since branched into scholarly and trade publishing, government publications, and corporate reports and websites. She believes that the most sophisticated communication is simple communication.

Camilla has particular skill in editing complex publications with multiple visual elements, and in writing for the web.

Gary Blakeley

Gary has spent thirty years as a graphic designer for arts, academic, and business communications and is an experienced photographer. He believes that typography and image must work fluently together in successful design. Gary has lengthy expertise in print production, computer graphics, and information technology.

Running through Gary’s photography are the themes of architecture, travel, and militaria. He looks for design in the photographic image and photographic boldness in design.

Gary Blakeley and Camilla Blakeley have been involved in producing first-rate publications for more than thirty years. Gary ran a design practice and Camilla worked as a managing editor. After crossing paths professionally for several years and finding that some of our best work resulted, we set up Blakeley Words+Pictures in 2003.

We work independently or collaboratively, depending on the needs of the project.